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Dryer Vent Cleaning

dry-cleanEnsuring your dryer vent is clean and is not clogged at all, is very important. When you consider what can occur if the vent becomes clogged you will also realize the importance. Many household fires are due to clogged dryer vents. Not only can a clogged vent cause a fire but when the vent is clogged it wastes money as it uses more energy to dry your clothing as it takes longer for the load to dry.

The first visible sign that something is wrong with your dryer vent is to look to ensure that the hose is not crushed against the wall. Lint does build up in the hose as well as the ventilation system of your dryer. This along with other things that may be placed here the dryer such as a sock that fell behind the dryer or even your dryer sheets are fires waiting to happen.

You cannot actually see the entire dryer vent as it goes into the wall and then vents to the outside. The venting system could be full of dirt, debris and lint which will build up with time. If you just look at each load of laundry and clean the vent from lint, you will get an idea of just how much lint accumulates. Not every bit of lint will go into the vent you clean but will sent through the dryer vent that goes outdoors. We at Fair Duct Cleaning ensure your entire dryer vent system is clean and free from debris.dryer-before-after-large

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